Big Data Consulting

Big Data can create unimagined opportunities – and unforeseen challenges.

Organisations who master how to leverage their structured and unstructured data can improve existing business processes, unlock new customer insights and develop innovative ways of marketing their products and services to target a specific audience.

We offer Big Data consulting services, at any stage of your deployment, that help you to deliver Big Data programmes successfully. Our experts will work collaboratively with your team to create a personalised Strategy and Roadmap that aligns with your business objectives and goals. We are vendor neutral, so our Vendor Selection is based purely on which Architecture Review will bring your organisation the greatest return on investment.

Our Experts have the knowledge and skills to translate your business objectives into scalable Big Data solutions, and to help executives make data-driven decisions. Whether you are at the start of your Big Data adoption or already have a solution in place, our team is here to provide expert advice and help your organisation become truly data-driven

  • Use case definitions

    identify and prioritize area where big data can drive the biggest business value

  • Architecture design

    gap analysis and readiness assessments

  • Big Data roadmap

    12-month plan and recommendations for top initiatives, with key milestones, detailed timelines and visual prototypes